What I'm Doing Now

Inspired by Derek Sivers's now page this is where you can find out what I'm doing now.


I'm living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


I'm write software full-time at Spark. It's been especially exciting over the last couple months as we moved into a new office. We've also expanded our development team over the last year. This has been an awesome opportunity to work with a lot of great people and I've been learning a ton. We post updates about what we are building on our company blog if you're interested in following along.

I've also been helping my friend Danny with his podcast discovery app Podyssey. This has been a fun chance for me to explore some new technology as Podyssey is built with React. I primarly work with Ruby on Rails at Spark. It's also one of the few things I've worked on that you can actually use! Most of my work is enterprise software so unless you are working in real estate you probably won't have a chance to see it. I've only helped with the web side of Podyssey but it's also available on iOS and Android.

Occasionally I tutor students in web development. This ranges from high school to university students but I have a full schedule at the moment so I keep it to a minimal number of sessions.


I just finished studying blockchain at Lighthouse Labs. The course focused on building decentralized applications using the Solidity programming language.

I got my first 3D printer last month so I'm starting to learn what I can do with that. Here's what I've tried so far Experimenting with low cost 3D printing.


I'm planning a trip to New Zealand so if you have any suggestions let me know on twitter @iansmith9876!

Last updated: December 23, 2018.