Book Notes

Short reviews of books I've read. I'll continue updating this list so be sure to check back for more.

Atomic Habits

James Clear

There are lots of actionable pointers in this one. James Clear does a great job of layering existing ideas together into an insightful system for building habits. Atomic Habits strikes a good balance of anecdotes and instructions as not to feel off topic or too much like a textbook.

The Graveyard Book


Another imaginative and thoroughly enjoyable Neil Gaiman book. I listened to the audiobook version and Gaiman does an excellent job narrating this one.

Anansi Boys


Neil Gaiman blends reality and myth into a fascinating world. While I didn't enjoy the story quite as much as Neverwhere it was still an incredibly fun book to read.

The Name Of The Wind


It's been a while since I've gotten into a series but after this excellent start I'm looking forward to diving into the rest of these books. The Name Of The Wind is well written and filled with unique characters and ideas.



The brilliance of Andy Weir's writing is his ability to create elaborate and technically detailed settings. While this remains consistent from his previous book The Martian I found the characters in this story didn't fit into that environment nearly as well. Even though the characters weren't my favourite this was still a good quick read.

Ready Player One


Packed with 80's gaming references Ready Player One is a fun adventure to read. Even without a complete knowledge of all the references the detailed descriptions are enough to make it entertaining. While it offers a rather extreme version of the future there are a surprising number of eerie similarities to current trends.

Code to Zero


A decent story and well written but I felt very little connection to the characters. While overall an enjoyable read I found it was an easy book to put down and forget about.



Quick to read, Rework is a compilation of short essays rather than one long story. While it contains little new information it serves of an excellent reminder of what to strive for in business and how to get there. For those who would like a preview lots of similar content can be found on Signal v. Noise, one of my favourite blogs.

The Martian


This is one of my all time favourite fiction books. I picked up the Martian a week before the movie was released planning on reading it before watching the movie. It only took 3 days to finish the book which is highly unsual as I tend to read slowly. The Martian wasn't afraid to dive into technical detail but always remained highly entertaining.



I read Neverwhere after a very long break from fiction and it proved to be an excellent reminder of how great fiction can be. Neil Gaiman creates a world that's vivid and imaginative allowing you to quickly feel a part of the story. A great book to get lost in after a busy day.

The 4-Hour Work Week


Once you get past the sales pitch style portrayed by its title the Four Hour Work Week is packed with valuable lessons. It's not about working less but about maximizing your time and designing the lifestyle you want. This is a great book to demonstrate that the common path in life and business is not always the right path.