Experiments in music production

Over the last year I’ve been learning music production. I’ve played various instruments before and have some background in audio. I used to DJ a bit and ran audio for various theatre and dance productions. This year I decided to focus on learning audio production. My friend Ariah set up a studio at his place and we've been recording there for the most part.

You can find any songs I've worked on here:

Lost In Vein

This is the first track I've worked on that's published! It's the second track on Ariah's EP, "This Is Me, This Is Us". I worked on the drums and had an early idea for the piano part. Ariah took the original idea and ran with it – playing and adding to the piano, singing the vocals, and adding in many other details. You can find links to all the streaming services and the full EP here:


  • Ableton Live
  • Komplete Kontrol M32
  • Akai MPD18
  • 15” MacBook Pro